Geomni – SPAR 2019 Preview

Experts expect that urban migration trends will increase the number of people living in cities from around 54% to 66% by 2050—add another 2.5 billion people to these already busy metropolitan areas. 

The urban migration is challenging to city planners, developers and building professionals. The success of planning, building and managing city environments starts with the ability to quickly capture as-built conditions from this highly complex and dynamic environment. 

Advances in 3D aerial imagery is making that job a little easier. Companies such as Geomni deploy scores of multi-million-dollar sensors and aircraft year-round. They are developing deep databases of cost effective and highly accurate map data to support planning, inspection, safety management, project progress and more. 

Geomni is on a mission to map every U.S. community with a population of 50,000 or more, annually to a resolution of 2” or better, including LiDAR and obliques. As well, the construction industry reservoirs hold hundreds of thousands of square miles on servers—conservative estimates find that 80% of structures are mapped to a very high resolution and ready for immediate download. 

On demand, high accuracy imagery and LiDAR can improve estimates of costs for site prep, infrastructure upgrades and environmental risk mitigation—before traditional surveys or site visits are required — or properties purchased. Developers, planners, designers, contractors and emergency response managers can use such insights to reduce the risks of uninformed decisions, unrealistic estimates and unanticipated consequences. 

Before you invest in new UAV data that may or may not meet your purposes, look at emerging data libraries, mapping initiatives and refresh rates—likely there’s a good chance to share resources and achieve near on demand imagery for low cost.

Visit us at SPAR 3D – May 21st -23rd

Anaheim Convention Center Space 200 

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