GeoSLAM @ GeoBusiness 2016

geobus 1It was another busy week for GeoSLAM as we headed down to London for two important events.

On Monday we held the inaugural Distributor Forum event for our European and Middle East dealers. We were delighted with the turnout as over 35 delegates from over 22 distributors travelled to the event, in which we set out our growth strategy and product roadmap for the coming months. This was of course followed by the obligatory visit to a local London pub for some real ale and the opportunity for our distributors to network in a more casual setting.

Following the success of this event, we hot-footed it over to the Business Design Centre for GeoBusiness 2016. Our primary focus for this event was to introduce the ZEB-REVO (launched in March) to the wider market, not just to surveyors but to a wider group of end users. Throughout an incredibly busy 2 days we had a number of interesting discussions and live demonstrations with delegates from the film industry, security forces, estate agents and architects, as well as the more traditional building, mining, stockpile and transport surveying sectors.

Our second focus was to launch the latest version of GeoSLAM Desktop, our local processing engine. Version 1.4 features a brand new user-interface, providing users with additional information regarding the status of their data uploads. As with previous iterations, version 1.4 features a simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality, allowing for immediate processing. Raw data files can even be ‘queued’, allowing a larger batch of files to be processed overnight.

We also hosted not one, but two presentations across the 2 days. Our Chief Operating Officer Mark Reid set out the business case for the ZEB-REVO, and explained in greater detail the importance of using a world-leading SLAM algorithm to gain the best results in the fastest survey time. This was backed up with an impressively-detailed image and animation of the Business Design Centre, which was scanned in just 20 minutes.

geobus 2Finally, GeoBusiness was chosen as the launchpad for the first European showing of SurphSLAM – a brand new collaboration between GeoSLAM and Basis Software Inc. SurphSLAM is a trolley based mobile mapping system that combines the new Surphaser 10 laser scanner and GeoSLAM’s new RealTime SLAM registration software.

Driven by user demand for a high precision real time mobile scanning system SurphSLAM can be used for extremely accurate high resolution 3D mobile mapping without the need for GPS. This unique integration of technologies also allows for the resulting point cloud to be registered and displayed in real time facilitating unparalleled performance and speed of survey.

Overall it was a highly successful week, with a lot of positive feedback from users – both existing and hopefully soon-to-be! We are already looking forward to next year’s event, and the exciting new developments that we will have to show off then.

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