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At SPAR 3D this year GeoSLAM will be bringing 2 brand new products to the market – the ZEB-REVO mobile handheld scanner, and GeoSLAM Desktop – local registration engine. Both products are set to continue the disruption of the surveying market, bringing fast, accurate and simple surveying solutions to the masses.

We also have an exicting new development in the pipeline which we will be exclusively announcing at SPAR…!

ZEB-REVO is the next generation in our range of mobile, handheld 3D laser scanners. The ZEB-REVO builds upon the success of its predecessor, the award-winning ZEB1, with a faster scanner, even simpler operation and greater versatility. At its core is GeoSLAM’s industry leading Simultaneous Localisation And Mapping (SLAM) algorithm, which facilitates rapid mobile mapping of enclosed environments without the need for GPS.

This versatility makes the ZEB-REVO suitable for a large variety of applications that would otherwise prove difficult or time consuming using traditional survey techniques;

•    Scan-to-BIM and measured building surveys
•    Underground mine and cave mapping
•    Forestry scanning and biomass calculations
•    Marine vessel surveys and modelling
•    Stockpile volume surveys
•    Crime scene reconstructions

GeoSLAM Desktop is the new, complementary software package for registering your collected scan data. In contrast to GeoSLAM Cloud, Desktop can be used without an internet connection, allowing data to be reviewed out in the field, wherever or whatever you scan. Using just a plug-in dongle, raw scan data is processed and registered within minutes, available for import into the third party software of your choice. Perfect for bulk users, Desktop processing is unlimited, so for a one-off, one-time cost, users can process as much data as they like. GeoSLAM Desktop is compatible with both the ZEB1 and the new ZEB-REVO.

For further information contact Stuart Cadge:

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  • Glencore, Kidd operations is considering purchasing a REVO unit through your Canadian subsidiary. Could you forward to me some information on the product. I already have the sales brochures, and wish to get a more in depth look at the system.

    I have been using a ZEB1 for the last year at the mine.



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