Laser Scanning Technology & The Kuwait Cultural Center: 3d Measurement in Real Time Proves Essential.

The Kuwaiti Cultural Center, currently under construction in Kuwait City, is intended to become the icon for the country and the entire region. It’s composed of 4 separate structures that are all free form in design and cladded in titanium. There is literally nothing like it in the world.
The challenge the building envelope contractor, BEMO International, had was to fabricate the titanium to the actual structural steel conditions which varied greatly from the design model. Traditional methods of field measurement simple would not work because of the complexity of the design. Eco3d, a professional scanning and 3d modeling firm was hired to laser scan the existing structural steel conditions and get accurate dimensions so the titanium could be fabricated to actual as-built conditions.
Using a long range FARO Focus 330 for its speed and portability, Eco3d laser scanned at night to avoid the 120’ temperatures and so the steel would not be affected by the expansion/contraction caused by the sunlight. The scan crews collected raw data and bounced it via the internet around the world to the U.S. for immediate processing where the data was incorporated into construction drawings for fabrication.

The drawings were then sent back to Kuwait for the fabrication to be completed with millimeter accuracy. The incorporation of this technology reduced labor and material expense while actually accelerated the project completion schedule.

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