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Please Visit Us at Booth #414

LFM deliver the world’s most powerful laser scanning software solutions. Our neutral approach to taking data in for processing and outputting it for consumption provides our customers with the ultimate freedom of choice and enabling both specialist focus and economies of scale.

For over 15 years we have provided laser scanning software to some of the world’s largest engineering and construction companies and their contractors to facilitate asset management, site-revamps, project planning and information handover. Our OPEN solutions and ability to manage huge datasets perfectly align us with large-scale delivery.

Introducing the Trusted Living Pointcloud…
Looking forward our vision is to deliver the next generation of laser scan data consumption in the form of a Trusted Living Pointcloud™; an evolving source of reliable, value-rich 3D information. With a continual strive for efficiency in the construction and maintenance of assets and as the production of laser scan data becomes ever-more commoditised it no longer makes sense to treat laser scanning as a per-project activity. Instead, by maintaining and utilising a Trusted Living Pointcloud™ laser scanning becomes part of an evolving digital asset. The main principles of a Trusted Living Pointcloud:
#1 Scalable
#2 Maintainable
#3 Verifiable
#4 Accessible
#5 Visual
#6 Intelligent
Please visit LFM on stand 414 to understand more about how you can benefit from creating, maintaining and consuming your very own Trusted Living Pointcloud.

Contact: Matthew Wren
Marketing Manager
LFM Software Limited
Direct Dial +44 (0) 161 869 0457
Mobile +44 (0)7771 517602


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