LIDAR USA at GEO Week 2020

LIDAR USA continues to bring cutting edge UAV (and Streetview) lidar solutions to the market .

What’s New? 

  • The Optech CL-90 & CL-360 offer an alternative for the high-definition user.
  • The Ouster family of very small scanners for UAV’s and cars.
  • The NCTech iStar Pulsar 360 camera for streetview 360 imaging.
  • The Galaxy 950 unmanned helicopter. Hybrid available soon.
  • The Honeywell HG4930 IMU for high performance, light weight, lower cost.
  • The ZF Imager mobilized – turn your static scanner into a high definition mobile system.
  • The IF1000 multicopter – US Made, very stable, longer flights.
  • Affordable PPK INS solution streamlined for UAV workflows.
  • Complete UAV lidar packages starting around $60,000!
  • And much more with more to come.

Be sure to visit our booth #101 and website at

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