Lidar USA – SPAR Preview

Please Visit Us at Booth #321

Fagerman Technnologies, Inc, (dba LIDAR USA) specializes in building affordable, custom designed mobile mapping systems using a variety of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and laser scanners. LIDAR USA also provides services as an alternative to purchasing a system allowing the customer to “test the waters” with the clients and marketplace. Through continued service LIDAR USA has continually reduced the system size while adding functionality. The Snoopy systems support numerous laser scanners along with 360 streetview imaging systems.

Visit us at SPAR in booth #321 where we will be exhibiting our UAV solutions. The lidar packages range from just over 2 pounds to almost 20 pounds.

Watch Our Video:

Jeff or Danielf Fagerman (, or call 256.274.1616

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