LIDAR USA Continues to Bring UAV Lidar Solutions

LIDAR USA continues to bring UAV (and Streetview) lidar solutions to the market 

Size matters. The smallest system is deployed on the DJI M200/M210 and on the Inspired Flight IF700/750A. It uses a choice of multiple laser systems with a max AGL of 400ft possible and easily capturing 40 or more acres per flight.

100+ acres per flight. On the other end of the spectrum we provide systems collecting data at ranges of several hundred meters, capable of use on UAV’s, helicopters, etc., and with data rates of several million points per sec allowing for longer and faster flights equating to hundreds of acres per flight.

The best solution. All of our solutions implement a post processed trajectory solution ultimately leading to a properly geo-referenced point cloud from a variety of INS.

Minimal training. Aside from proper flight training, very little training is required for the pilots to adequately fly and scan a project area.

Cloud processing. To minimize upfront cost and ensure optimum solutions, ScanLook On-Demand offers cloud processing of the trajectory and point cloud.

Desktop processing and personal training remain the mainstream path for most offices using lidar solutions. Most systems are in stock and ready to ship within a few weeks, if not a day or two.

What’s new and breaking? The M200/M210 system is exciting as the vehicle itself is rapidly being embraced by the market. For the user wanting more, the new 128-laser, 9 million points/sec, and 300 meter range scanner opens up a lot of possibilities.

Like an iceberg, what we can mention here is only a very small piece of what LIDAR USA can offer for lidar and image data capture and processing. Be sure to visit our booth.


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