LidarUSA – SPAR 2019 Preview

For over 20 years, Fagerman Technolgies Inc, dba. LiDARUSA, has been revolutionizing the geospatial arena from Aerial Triangulation, Photogrammetry, 360 Imagery, to LiDAR.  LiDARUSA systems can be deployed on any platform that meets the payload and physical requirements to attach the system. They have no communication with the platform ensuring portability between vehicles.  LiDARUSA’s ScanLook software is included with each system. This includes the data capture software and the desktop processing software.  The ScanLookPC desktop software performs all of the data fusion and geo-referencing in virtually any coordinate system and includes a powerful control point correction and strip alignment tool built on proprietary AI algorithms.  Our systems are extremely versatile, either backpack, rail, car, uav, fixed wing, helicopter, boat, and robot to name a few.  Let us help you complete your project, faster and more accurate.  Chat with us today at

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