Mandli – SPAR 2019 preview

Interested in learning about LiDAR asset collection for autonomous vehicles? Come see Ray Mandli, President of Mandli Communications, present on “Intersection Modeling for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” on Thursday, May 23 in the 2:35pm to 3:45pm time slot at the SPAR3D Conference. Or stop by and say hello to a Mandli team member at Booth 210!

Mandli is an industry leader in specialized roadway data collection and the integration of mobile LiDAR, 3D pavement technology, and geospatial data collection equipment. With a suite of supporting GIS software and services, Mandli gives our clients the data to design, manage, and maintain safe and efficient transportation infrastructure networks. 

Established in 1983, Mandli has always been at the forefront of mobile LiDAR and imaging, providing an accurate assessment of infrastructure assets. We have the experience collecting LiDAR data on a network-wide scale and are confident in it as the primary mapping tool used to plan for the future of connected and autonomous vehicles. By utilizing our vast reservoir of experience we are able to plan, collect, and deliver accurate data for your entire roadway network. 

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