Mapping Singapore in 3D

3D Citymodel 02User Name: Singapore Land Authority (2015 Be Inspired Finalist, Innovation in Government)

Project Name: Mapping Singapore in 3D

Location: Singapore

Overview: Bentley Map is instrumental in Singapore Land Authority’s production of 3D map data and city model for all of Singapore—more than 700 square kilometers. 


Singapore Land Authority employed multiple rapid mapping technologies such as oblique imagery, airborne laser scanning, mobile laser scanning, and terrestrial scanning, resulting in more than 50 terabytes of data in multiple formats. The challenge was managing and updating the data. Using Bentley Map, the project team created, maintained, and disseminated 3D information directly from Oracle Spatial and provided multi-user access to the database through direct connection and Web Feature Services (WFS). 


The 3D map data and CityGML models will be shared among government agencies and partners and will support Virtual Singapore and Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative which involves innovative and comprehensive use of technology and research to improve quality of life and business opportunities. The use of open standards (CityGML and LandXML) and services (WFS) will enable stakeholders to use the data immediately without revamping their existing computer systems. The common information model, CityGML, facilitates the linking of data, computer systems, and services. This will reduce costs associated with interoperability issues.



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