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Merrick & Company (Merrick) is a diversified engineering, architecture, design-build, surveying, planning, and geospatial solutions firm. The employee-owned company serves domestic and international clients in the national security, energy, life sciences, nuclear, and sustainable infrastructure markets with a focus on geospatial mapping technologies, renewable energy, military and government facilities, nuclear technology systems, high containment laboratories, civil infrastructure and water.

Since the firm’s founding in 1955, Merrick has been involved in surveying and mapping. Supported by this lengthy history and, more importantly, by the firm’s commitment to the ever-changing technological advances continuously occurring in the profession, Merrick stays at the forefront of providing comprehensive, client-focused land information services.  In-house engineers, architects, surveyors, and scientists enhance the team’s capabilities, thus providing clients with a full-service resource base rarely found within the industry. With a dual focus on providing positionally accurate information for both scientific and engineering applications, the firm’s services include:

•    Airborne LiDAR
•    Digital Orthophotography
•    Satellite Imagery
•    HDS Scanning (High-Definition Scanning)
•    Helicopter and Fixed Wing Mapping Platforms
•    GIS Application Development
•    Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
•    Photogrammetry
•    MARS® Software
•    Hyperspectral Imagery
•    ROW Surveying
•    Internet Mapping

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