Microdrones at ilmf 2019

Fully Integrated Systems for Professionals

Microdrones is more than just a drone company- we’re a solutions company. We began with the mdMapper series of photogrammetry-based packages.

LiDAR will play a critical role in our future at Microdrones. Our most recent entry, the mdLiDAR3000, offers the complete package of a high-end UAV LiDAR and camera all integrated into one system.

In addition to a new LiDAR system, we’ve added two new systems to round out our mdMapper offering. Our top-line entry, mdMapper1000DG, uses direct georeferencing, saving time by using fewer or no ground control points.
If you don’t need the power of direct georeferencing then the mdMapper1000PPK will provide high accuracy with just 1-3 ground control points.

At an even lower price point comes the new mdMapper1000+. This system is ideal for those who do not need DG or PPK and are willing to install ground control points on site for their projects. mdMapper1000PPK and the mdMapper1000+ are both ready to expand with the user with a practical and affordable firmware upgrade.

By expanding our lineup we’re able to provide the full suite of solutions to meet our customers where they are price wise and in terms of accuracy and technology. Talk with our sales team at ILMF or via this link: lp.microdrones.com/news

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