Orbit gt at ilmf 2019

Sensor & data fusion, from Street Level Mobile Mapping to Aerial Oblique Imagery, is still a major obstacle for many construction companies, surveyors, contractors, and governments.  Orbit GT’s solutions change this today.  Come have alook as Orbit GT will be showing the latest version 19 releases and major improvements of 3dmapping.cloud.

Version 19 continues the road of seamless fusion of various sensors from any data capture method, street level Mobile Mapping can be instantly combined with Aerial Oblique, UAV and Terrestrial data collection, offering rich data analysis capabilities.  Semi- and full auto detection tools speed up conversion of raw 3D capture data to actionable information in day-to-day operations.

Orbit Geospatial Technologies is world leader in solutions for exploiting 3D Mapping content in managing, viewing, extracting, publishing, sharing and embedding in workflows, either desktop or cloud based. Orbit GT specializes in 3D Mapping solutions for Mobile Mapping, UAS Mapping, Indoor Mapping and Aerial Oblique Mapping, replacing the big data dilemma with ease of use. Orbit GT is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium, and enjoys a global business network.

Join us on booth 600.

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