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Routescene designs, develops and manufactures integrated 3D mapping solutions with LiDAR specifically for use on UAVs/ drones. The Routescene UAV LiDAR system is ideal for rural applications where high penetration of dense vegetation is needed, for example to achieve high resolution DTMs. The benefits of using the system on a drone become particularly clear in hard to reach, hazardous or hostile environments where access is difficult or dangerous.

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Six step workflow

Fundamental to Routescene’s success is a carefully thought through six step workflow  – from survey and project planning, data acquisition, data processing to the final outputs. This workflow is a set of repeatable procedures and processes, ensuring every survey and the subsequent data analysis is undertaken in a systematic, streamlined way to achieve the best possible results.

Simplifying the processing of data processing

We make data processing easier by simplifying and reducing the time spent post-processing LiDAR data with our LidarViewer Pro software package. 

With our new automated “Bare Earth tool” you can quickly and cost-effectively remove all non-ground points and reveal the ground surface. This radically reduces the number of software packages, steps in the process and reduces the time you spend post-processing LiDAR data.

Focus on training and support 

We stand apart from competitors on the level of training and support we provide, helping our customers to become familiar and proficient with the system as quickly as possible. 

Experts in LiDAR technology

Routescene are based in Edinburgh, Scotland with our U.S. office in Durango, Colorado. Our founder and CTO Gert Riemersma has over 30 years of experience as a surveyor and pilot, has worked with LiDAR since 2008, with UAV LiDAR since 2013 and has built a team of experts to support our rapidly growing business. 

Contact us today

For more information and to contact the Routescene team visit 

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