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Please Visit Us at Booth #97

Sigma Space Corporation, the provider of Single Photon LiDAR sensors, will be showcasing our HRQLS2 sensor at ILMF 2016.   Specifications on HRQLS2, a more capable Single Photon LiDAR (SPL), include area coverage rates of 800 square kilometers per hour and data densities over 20 points per square meter.  Sigma staff will be on hand to discuss and demo data from HRQLS2 as well as answer questions about partnerships and collaborations with data acquisitions providers.   Sigma Space will provide additional details on HRQLS2 during the Product Preview session on Monday, Feb. 22.

Sigma Space’s Single Photon LiDAR data will be featured in several talks during the conference, including the UGSG hosted talk discussing their own analysis of SPL data.  Sigma Space’s CEO, Dr. J. Marcos Sirota, will be a panelist during the Manufacturers’ Perspective: What Value will Single Photon, Flash and Geiger-Mode bring to the Geospatial Community?  During the panel, Marcos will discuss how SPL is an enabling capability to our community – allowing vendors to get more data faster to their customers.

SPL data will be represented during a bathymetry talk for the first time ever at ILMF during the JALBTCX talk, Single Photon Data Processing in a Near Shore Environment.

Finally, the Naval Post Graduate School will continue their work from last year providing comparative analysis between several LiDAR sensors including HRQLS.

Sigma will be showcasing data from several collections in 2015, including bathymetry data, at booth #97.   Stop by to review data and talk about collaboration opportunities.

Watch Our Video: People of Sigma Space Corportation

Contact: Katie Fitzsimmons – 301-552-6001

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