SITECO Informatica is Delivering Lidar Mapping Customers Top Performance

Roadscanner Data SampleNot often does one find a company that has pivoted its business direction over a short two-year period, but that is exactly what SITECO Informatica (pronounced SEE-TEH-CO) has successfully achieved. For over 10 years, SITECO, based in Bologna Italy, was providing mobile mapping collection and data processing services primarily throughout Europe and North Africa.

The company designed and built their own data collection vehicles, initially based on the IQvolution (now Faro) laser scanners, and developed software as specified to the exacting requirements of their various motorway customers. Much of this software has now become a standard for public administrations to manage their roadway infrastructure. Most recently, in April this year, SITECO was named official partner for the development and implementation of an Integrated Road Safety System in the Italian Basilicata Region.

By 2013 the company, headed by it’s founder and CEO Augusto Burchi, recognized how the mobile mapping equipment markets were developing and that a special niche had emerged for the very high performance, yet cost effective systems like SITECO had developed. A new direction was plotted out, commercializing the RoadScanner systems as products while the company stopped data collection service offerings. Since that time, there have been deliveries of RoadScanner systems to customers throughout Europe and as far away as Japan including the first UAV based SkyScanner.

The RoadScanner models are based on the concept of complete flexibility, allowing customers to chose whichever laser scanners from Faro, Riegl, Velodyne, Z+F (among others) best fit their performance and budget needs. The RoadScanner-4 and RoadScanner-Compact models are very competitively priced, usually in the range of 60%-70% of the price of other high performance fully integrated systems from the larger equipment manufacturers, with no performance compromise.

What really stands out is that the software delivered with the RoadScanner systems provide a complete end-to-end solution from the system calibration, boresighting, mission planning, data and imagery collection, post processing with full ground control adjustments, all the way to the final data analysis with feature extractions and basic inventory management databases. The software is completely compatible with other mobile mapping systems, including Teledyne Optech, Topcon and Trimble, as a standalone processing and analysis package. Complete system flexibility has allowed for easy integration of multiple specialized cameras and even high performance road surface measurement tools like the Pavemetrics surface profilers.

SITECO has been awarded ISO 9001-Vision 2000 certification and is certified as an iRAP (International Road Assessment Programme) road survey supplier. The iRAP organization aims to reduce the road casualties by improving the road infrastructure safety all over the world. The iRAP accreditation attests to high quality inspection systems and procedures which comply with the accuracy, standards and repeatability provided for in the Accreditation Specification for the RAP-SR-2.3 Star Rating Inspection Systems.

Throughout the past few years, additional task specific optional software packages have been developed for railway management and analysis (Rail-SIT), roadway asset management (Road-SIT Asset Management), road pavement management (Road-SIT Road PMS) and airport pavement infrastructure ( Road-SIT Airport PMS). All of these packages are fully compatible with ESRI, MicroStation, Autodesk and other widely used GIS software environments, seamlessly extending data accessibility throughout large organizations.

SkyScanner Data SampleThe most recent development and product launch has been the SITECO SkyScanner UAV, a competitively priced high performance airborne lidar and camera system. The SkyScanner features a 3.5kg payload weight including battery and has power that is capable of up to 5 hours of autonomous operation. The first system delivery to ASCO-DAITO Co. Ltd., the Japanese leader in surveying and inspection engineering, has exceeded all performance and accuracy expectations with an absolute accuracy of ±5 cm on regular surfaces (roads, walls) and ±8 cm on natural ground with vegetation.

With this proven track record and understanding of user needs, SITECO is well positioned to deliver on performance and innovation as the survey community advances into the next generation of 3D data collection.


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