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Please Visit Us at Booth #13 (Z+F USA)

Siteco will attend ILMF 2016 in Denver and SPAR 2016 in Houston introducing its new RoadScanner-Compact mobile mapping system at the Z+F booth.

The Road-Scanner exceeds performance demands for small, inexpensive, easy to install mobile lidars, and can be equipped with Faro, Z+F, Riegl, Velodyne and other sensors, depending on user’s needs. Existing laser scanners can be easily adapted, giving new life to your existing inventory of lidar tools.

The new RoadScanner-C  is an extremely compact, lightweight mobile scanning system, optimized for easy deployment and shipping. It is available with a variety of IMU/INS systems ranging from the cost effective MEMS-based units, easily upgraded to top performance mechanical and fiber-optic gyros.

The RoadScanner-C can be configured with a single, or multiple lidar sensors, making it the ideal solution for roadways, rail and tunnel scanning.

RoadScanners are all delivered with a powerful ergonomic software suite, developed to acquire data and edit the project geodatabase. The acquisition software allows to monitor the survey accuracy and the quality of imagery and point clouds concurrently.

Siteco’s powerful analysis software, fully compatible with Teledyne Optech, Leica, Trimble, Topcon and other mobile systems, includes complete project planning, execution and data delivery functionality.

Software for calibration, acquisition, post-processing, GCP, feature extraction, hi-grade mapping, GIS asset and pavement management, and data exchange in all standard formats is provided as a standard package.

 Mission management and road Geodatabase

A special ArcGIS plug-in allows you to organize all the data collected in a road geodatabase. The RMS values are displayed in the GIS environment to analyze the location of Ground Control Point calibration.

 Calibration by means of  Ground Control Points (GCP)

Sophisticated functions for the correction of the trajectories with GCP, ensuring centimeter accuracy even under poor GPS conditions.

 Data exchange and plug-ins

All CAD and GIS formats supported (JPEG, LAS, E57, DXF, Shapefile). The application is also available as a plug-in for AutoCAD, MicroStation and ArcGIS.

 Feature extraction and point-clouds rendering

Wide range of drawing functions to produce detailed maps quickly and efficiently: buffers and sections on a generic plane; snaps to laser points or to existing vector entities; surfaces and edges detection; coloring the points by elevation, reflectance and real color.

Autocad, Microstation and ArcGIS Plug-ins available.

Siteco is a unit of the Gavio Group, one of Italy’s top industrial groups. Siteco was established in 1995 as a civil engineering and infrastructure, software and technical consulting firm. Since 2005 Siteco has developed scalable high performance mobile mapping systems and today it is  the most flexible supplier on the  roadway management mobile mapper market in terms of price, performance and software flexibility.

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