SolidSpac3 QA/QC construction variance reporting solution

New SolidSpac3 QA/QC construction variance reporting solution reduces rework and schedule delays by ensuring plans match reality


Cloud based solution compares CAD/BIM models to as-built scans, informing construction teams of problems as they occur

November 22, 2021 – San Francisco California – SolidSpac3 ( has debuted SolidSpac3, a SaaS QA/QC analysis and reporting solution for the commercial construction industry. Solidspac3 compares 2D or 3D design models to construction site laser scans, identifying construction errors and problems as they occur.

“Complex projects, managing multiple trades, and tight schedules often result in unnecessary cost overruns, schedule delays and claims. It is estimated that $500+ billion is spent annually on re-work, and 75% of construction projects experience delays. By regularly analyzing the construction site, Solidspac3 helps the construction team by informing them of problems, before they become expensive and delay the project,” said Paul Nahi, Solidspac3’ President/CEO.


The entire digital construction site, all design documentation, point clouds and Variance Reports are available online for the project team to view, evaluate, and share. Project teams of field professionals, owners, VDC experts, architects, and engineers can access a permissions-based virtual construction site, where they can view the Variance Reports, measure, and analyze the BIM or point cloud, and view 360-degree photos in one application. Variance reports can be generated for many different trades, such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, structural elements, and floor flatness.

How it works

  1. Solidspac3 will upload the construction plans, either BIM or 2D CAD drawings
  2. A 3D scan of the existing construction site is performed and uploaded to our site
  3. A Variance Report is automatically generated and made available to all team members

Within 24 hours, our construction analytics engine identifies all discrepancies between what has been constructed and the design plans, and then generates an online Variance Report that can be viewed online or distributed to the field for correction.

SolidSpac3 Key Benefits

•        Reduces rework by identifying potential issues while field personnel are still in the immediate construction area

  • Reduce schedule delays
  • Reduce RFIs and their administration costs
  • Increases profitability by reducing the amount of wasted time and materials due to rework and labor costs
  • View 360° photos of the job site
  • Provides an accurate “As Built” digital twin

SolidSpac3 is currently available. The company is actively seeking channel partners, particularly companies offering laser scanning and digital modeling services.


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