SOLV3D at Geo Week 2020

Tools that are easy to use, don’t require super computers and are data-agnostic, are key features of the SOLV3D product suite. The inherent value of geospatial data is not fully derived until it can be accessed and shared by many end-users, for multiple purposes. The SOLV3D products enable organizations to realize a far greater return on their data investment, by providing tools that not only enable easy and cost-effective optimization of geospatial data, but also extend data sharing and use, to all stakeholders. 

SOLV3D engine™ (Engine) is a middleware toolkit that enables users to quickly and easily clean and prepare their point-cloud data. Engine does not discriminate, point clouds from varied sources and hardware brands can be combined, thus allowing users to gain efficiencies in processing all project data from a single file versus dealing with multiple proprietary applications.

With SOLV3D encompass™ (Encompass), a web-based collaborative platform, companies are able to merge and share point cloud data, imagery, CAD drawings, shapefiles, as well as many other geospatial datasets. The result is an engaging common operating picture within a robust virtual environment, empowering all stakeholders to better leverage the value of their datasets for estimation, planning, design, and decision-making.

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