Solv3D – SPAR 2019 Preview

Tools that are easy to use, don’t require super computers and are data-agnostic are key features of the Solv3D product palette. The inherent value of geospatial data is not fully derived until it can be accessed and shared by many end-users, for multiple purposes. The Solv3D products enable organizations to realize a far greater return on their data investment, by providing tools that not only enable easy and cost-effective optimization of point-cloud data, but also extend data sharing and use, to all stakeholders. 

3DPointLogic™ is a middleware toolkit that enables users to quickly and easily clean and prepare their point-cloud data. The application is hardware-agnostic, the sensor type used, irrelevant. Point clouds from varied sources and hardware brands can be combined into a single point cloud, allowing users to gain efficiencies in processing all project data from a single file versus having to run each through a proprietary application and trying to combine them afterwards.

SiteVisit360™ is a web-based collaborative platform, in which, a myriad of geospatial datasets can be merged together to provide users with wholistic views and situational awareness of projects, assets and areas of interest (AOIs) – regardless of a user’s geographic location or level of software expertise.

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