SPAR 2017 Preview – GeoSLAM

Please Visit us at Booth #415

GeoSLAM are the market leaders in 3D SLAM – technology which enables autonomous, “go anywhere” mapping. GeoSLAM software takes real-time data from LIDAR sensors and creates a continuous, highly accurate 3D map of the surrounding area. In addition, the precise location of the sensor is continuously calculated, all without the need for GPS. This allows LIDAR sensors to be used for accurate 3D mapping whilst on the move – either handheld, robot or drone mounted – as well as allowing for truly autonomous operation. GeoSLAM currently provide software, OEM and handheld laser scanners for a range of applications including measured building surveys, BIM modelling, forestry, mining and airborne mapping. Based in the UK, GeoSLAM has a global distribution network of 45 dealers across 35 territories.

Point of Contact: Mark Reid, VP of Product Management

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