SPAR 2017 Preview – LIDAR USA

Please Visit us at Booth #814

LIDAR USA (a Fagerman Technologies company) manufactures, sells, and provides services for LIDAR mapping systems for cars, drones, ATVs, boats, rail, helicopters, and other mobile vehicles. At SPAR we will be introducing several new developments including:
  •     GoFar – a robot for industrial scanning and inspection (and many other purposes),
  •     A new high-powered MEMS INS,
  •     The inclusion of the Trimble Applanix INS systems, starting with the APX-15,
  •     Integration of the Riegl mini-VUX & VUX scanners,
  •     Web-based access to ScanLook PC for point cloud generation,
  •     Web-based hosting of your point cloud data from any source,
  •     The Altus ORC4 helicopter for endurance and heavy lift flights.
Systems range in weight from 1kg and up and can include a Ladybug 360 camera for streetview mapping.
We build systems to make you successful. We are resellers for DJI, Velodyne, Quanergy, CHC and Tersus-GNSS.

Point of Contact: Jeff or Daniel Fagerman

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