SPAR 2018 Preview – LIDAR USA

LiDAR USA is an innovative pioneer in affordable mobile LiDAR solutions. Since 2010 LiDAR USA as been integrating LiDAR sensors with IMU/INS solutions to create state of the art mobile LiDAR solutions that are simple to operate and process. All of LiDAR USA’s mobile mapping systems function the same way regardless of the LiDAR sensor and IMU/INS component combination.

LiDAR USA supports several different LiDAR sensors, IMU/INS units and cameras. Our most popular systems include the Snoopy Series-A with the Velodyne HD32 and Puck, and the Series-V with the Riegl VUX and miniVUX, and new LiDAR units from Cepton and Quanergy. We also support the Z+F Profiler and Faro Focus for highway mapping systems.

LiDAR USA’s ScanLook PC software is intuitive, easy to use, and does all the data fusion to generate a geo-referenced, control point corrected, point cloud. Strip to strip matching is included to reduce or eliminate mismatches commonly found using GPS positioning alone.

LiDAR USA maximizes your productivity and investment with extreme portability. Our UAV-based systems can be deployed via UAV, car, RR, boat, backpack, and helicopter.

We are engineers, surveyors and photogrammetrists in constant search for the best mobile mapping solutions. WE ARE LiDAR!

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