SPAR 2018 Preview – Orbit

Orbit GT presents a major upgrade to the online SaaS platform 3D Mapping Cloud, and the latest updates of their world leading desktop solutions for 3D Mapping.

3D Mapping Cloud introduces a game changing new business model, starting at only $46/month including 100GB free cloud storage and 5 free guest users.  Many new and versatile features and capabilities have been added to the platform.

3D Mapping Cloud fuses multi-sensor datasets from any reality capture system seamlessly : from street-level mobile mapping, indoor mapping, drone mapping, aerial and terrestrial mapping.  Multi TB LiDAR data, as well as hundreds of thousands of images is just a piece of cake.

Come take a look at +3TB streaming point clouds, automated fly through, streaming VR, synced 4-view oblique and more.

ArcOnline, ArcGIS Pro : integration available!

The Desktop portfolio v18.1 has just been released with a range of cool new features, of which the automated detection tools catch most attention.  But we never forget the importance of the workflow quality, though less catchy to talk about.  Orbit GT’s solutions highly assist in Capture, Model and Share.

Join Orbit GT’s Smart 3D Mapping(tm) solutions at SPAR 3D, booth 240.

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