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Stereo Mapping From Drones – Cardinal Systems’ VR Mapping SoftwareCardinal Systems logo

Cardinal Systems has added tools to the Vr Mapping Software for efficient mapping from UAS imagery.  Stereo is more versatile for vector extraction than Imagery-Derived Point Clouds (IDPC) or DSM.   IDPC miss above-ground features like power lines, signs, and drip lines.  They also round break lines and edges like fences, curbs and walls.  Ground surfaces that are even partially obscured by vegetation or shadows are unreliable.  Stereo collection from image pairs can be used to compensate for these inadequacies, and with the right hardware this can be done with accuracies comparable to ground surveys.

To make stereo compilation from UAS imagery cost effective, we have added new features for automatic selection of image pairs for stereo models, automatically and semi-automatically moving among stereo models, and checking model accuracy and precision.  These new capabilities are built on top of Cardinal Systems’ suite of over 200 mapping commands and batch routines making it possible for UAS mapping to move beyond orthophotos and open quarry applications.

After a lot of research we can conclude that our UAS workflow can supply what is required for survey grade mapping.


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