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Please Visit us at Booth #79

Teledyne Optech is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of advanced lidar instruments for over 40 years. Widely recognized for our technological depth, we have decades of experience in lidar and photogrammetry, and in auxiliary technologies such as GPS integration and waveform digitization. At ILMF 2017 Teledyne Optech will be showcasing its airborne and terrestrial products. Stop by booth #79 to learn about our products:

The Optech Galaxy is the ultimate wide-area lidar sensor that improves real-world efficiency using SwathTRAK™ technology, which automatically keeps the swath width on the ground constant even in high-relief terrain, reducing the number of flightlines required by up to 40%.

The flexible Titan airborne multispectral lidar can penetrate shallow water with its green channel for bathymetric surveys, or cover land with all three channels together for dense data and improved classification.

The automated and affordable Eclipse airborne lidar/camera system can be operated by the pilot alone, eliminating the need for an in-air operator and reducing flying costs.
By doubling its scan rate, the Lynx mobile survey system collects dense data at highway speeds. Combined with the streamlined LMS workflow, this enables truly wide-scale data collection.

Light enough to be worn on a backpack, the Maverick mobile mapping system lets users collect dense spatial data for asset mapping, transportation, construction, and more.
The newly released Polaris TLS bridges the gap between light-weight, short-range sensors and large, long-range systems, delivering accurate data quickly with a user-friendly interface and automated workflow.

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Contact: Mike Sitar, Airborne Division Business Manager

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