Teledyne Optech – ILMF Preview


Please Visit Us at Booth #54

Teledyne Optech is coming to ILMF 2016 with fresh results from several of our survey systems.

The Optech Galaxy is showing the real-world efficiency improvements it achieves using its patent-pending SwathTRAK™ technology. By automatically adjusting the Galaxy’s field of view, SwathTRAK keeps the swath width on the ground consistent even in high-relief terrain. In a recent survey in Quebec, SwathTRAK reduced the number of flightlines required by 40% compared to fixed-FOV lidars, which are forced to cluster flightlines together in mountainous terrain to prevent data gaps.

The Optech Titan airborne multispectral lidar is showcasing its flexibility for topo/bathy surveying. In 2015, the Titan penetrated 22 meters deep in clear water, vastly exceeding initial expectations of just 15 meters. Combined with its 900-kHz pulse repetition frequency and three separate laser channels for improved target classification, the Titan brings unheard-of flexibility to lidar surveyors.

The Optech Lynx mobile survey system has had a successful year as well, with clients in England and the United States using the Lynx to collect dense, survey-grade data at highway speeds. Visitors can see how the Lynx and Optech LMS Pro combine to create a streamlined and efficient surveying and processing workflow for truly wide-scale data collection.

Jim Green

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