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uGRIDD ( is a web-based platform that offers sophisticated, but easy to use interfaces to help customers unlock the power of infrastructure big data. Unlike other systems in the infrastructure industry that started off as a software package, uGRIDD was created as a solution platform. uGRIDD’s disruptive technology enables both technical and non-technical individuals to organize and provide easy access of their infrastructure data to whomever they choose, very economically. This is done over standard internet browsers in a secured environment; with no other additional software required.

The solutions developed by uGRIDD are geared towards addressing current technology limitations involving the ability to query the metadata, limited data availability to most stakeholders, lack of accessibility to expensive proprietary data analysis software, exorbitant cost of GIS implementations, etc. To that extent, uGRIDD offers two solutions: Project Data Sharing and Cloud Data Management.

Recently, uGRIDD announced its release of a new feature built-in its popular LiDAR data viewer, uPANO. This feature offers uGRIDD customers an easy-to-use and low cost web-based tool to extract XYZ coordinates directly from uPANO, a proprietary panoramic viewing interface for LiDAR data, panoramic photoadn 3D CAD/BIM models, etc.

uGRIDD was also featured on a recently published ENR article.

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Watch Our Video:Lidar2Map v3

Contact: Zhong Chen

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