undet at intergeo 2019


Cut down point cloud-related product costs with Undet. We aim to provide the quickest way to obtain the desired building/site measurement documentation for companies that use reality capture technologies.

We are not just developing software, but also working with point clouds every day (converting them to building/site measurement documentation), so we know point cloud-related product costs: how expensive licenses are, how difficult it is to change routines, and how long it takes to learn new software.

To reduce our costs and adapt faster to changes in market demands (2D/3D/BIM), we have developed Undet software add-ons based on SketchUp, Revit, AutoCAD and Ares Commander platforms.

Visit us at booth A3.030 in hall 3 and find out:

  • How you can start 3D modeling services from a point cloud with SketchUp.
  • How to reduce point cloud-related product costs if your primary tool is AutoCAD.
  • How you can optimize BIM or 2D drafting workflow and costs with Undet for Revit.
  • How our expertise and experience can help you to deal with your work overload.

To learn more about Undet, visit: https://www.undet.com/

Our vision is a time when surveyors are able to get building measurement documentation from reality capture data in a single click.

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