Visit NV5 Geospatial at GEO WEEK 2023

NV5 Geospatial leverages the widest array of advanced remote sensing technologies and applies today’s most sophisticated analytic AI frameworks, including proprietary deep learning, computer vision, and predictive analytic models tailored to solve our clients’ needs. We put geospatial intelligence in the hands of our clients via our proprietary cloud-based software, empowering meaningful change across our client’s enterprises.

Our clients rely on us to help them solve their most pressing needs. These include: 

  • using high-density lidar to analyze millions of individual trees along transmission lines to evaluate the risk to the critical infrastructure 
  • using thermal imaging to evaluate the structural integrity of bridge decks and mapping cold water refugia for protected salmon habitat in rivers of the Pacific Northwest 
  • using hyperspectral imaging for tree species identification and forest health
  • analyzing irrigation patterns to understand and plan for equitable water usage 
  • developing a detailed understanding of coastline & shoreline intelligence for charting, safety, and environmental applications 
  • using lidar and imagery for transportation planning and engineering that includes roadways, railways, ports, and airports 
  • building enterprise GIS systems and decision support tools for managing and visualizing vast natural resources data such as offshore marine minerals, cultural resources, land management, and marine mammals 

Our office locations can be found throughout the U.S., with two highly capable satellite offices in Canada and India. 

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