Visit Outsight at GEO WEEK 2023

Outsight’s mission is to make LiDAR-based Spatial Intelligence become Plug-&-Play, so it can be used by application developers in any market.

The Augmented LiDAR Software is the industry’s first pre-processor for 3D sensor data, which performs all of the essential features required to integrate any type of LiDAR sensor into any project (SLAM, object detection and tracking, segmentation and classification, mapping and relocalization, and volume measurement).

In the context of robotics, our software enables developers to quickly integrate cutting-edge 3D LiDAR data into any application that requires Spatial Awareness capabilities, such as navigation, mapping and relocalization, obstacle detection and avoidance, and volume measurement. Over the years, our software has been deployed in numerous environments and on different types of vehicles.

Our international team of scientists and engineers, based in Paris and San Francisco, believes that making LiDAR technology easier to use through simple, scalable software will speed up the development of transformative solutions that will make the world smarter and safer.

At Geo Week 2023, in Denver, we invite you to see how our software’s most popular features (such as SLAM and relocalization) have enabled developers to easily quickstart their LiDAR-based robotics projects. 

Come meet us at booth #444!

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