Woolpert at GEO Week 2020

Leading Lidar Data, Solutions Provider

We were there at the beginning and we’ll be there till the end. Woolpert celebrated 50 years of geospatial excellence in 2019 by acquiring international geospatial firms, adding global geospatial experts and augmenting its strategic geospatial service offerings. These include lidar, bathymetry, hydrography, traditional land-based survey, acoustic survey, aeronautical survey, photogrammetry, remote sensing, data processing, GIS, UAS, etc. 

We also know all the right people. Woolpert is an Esri Silver Partner with Release Ready and ArcGIS Online specialty designations. As a Premier Google Partner, we were named Google Maps Partner of the Year in 2018 and formed our Google Cloud division in 2019. We also launched STREAM:RASTER™, a subscription software service to host and facilitate access to vast volumes of geospatial imagery in the cloud. Through these partnerships, we’re able to bridge the high-level geographic science and software development of Esri with the ubiquitous client-facing expertise of Google.

And, oh yeah, we’re also a full-service, 109-year-old architecture and engineering firm. How does that help our geospatial services? It provides a comprehensive, intimate understanding of those fundamental business needs and ensures we maintain successful, multifaceted relationships with local, state, federal, private and public customers around the world.

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