Visit BAAM.Tech at GEO WEEK 2023

BAAM.Tech® has been helping customers find and implement the right mapping solutions since 2016. Specializing in data collection from space, airborne (crewed and UAS), mobile, and underwater platforms – our team is composed of subject matter experts that understand the value of right-sized solutions. BAAM.Tech® has business relationships with more than a dozen best-in-class hardware, software, and data partners to help customers find the best solution for their organization. 

Geo Week attendees are invited to our hands-on software workshop – End-To-End Workflow for the DJI Zenmuse L1”with partners DJI Enterprise and Terrasolid on Monday, February 13th from 9 AM – 4 PM. For $100, workshop attendees will learn how to maximize the performance of the DJI L1 LiDAR sensor and how to create accurate data deliverables for your customers. 

BAAM.Tech® is also highlighting 4 NEW and exciting business partnerships at our booth, so stop by and learn about the innovative hardware and software offerings from the following firms:

  • Terrasolid – industry-standard software solution for commercial LiDAR service providers.
  • RIEGL – industry-leading LiDAR hardware and software manufacturer.
  • AISPECO – manufacturer of next-generation, customizable aerial infrastructure inspection platforms.
  • DigiFarm – Enhanced satellite imagery products optimized for digital agriculture. 

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