Visit Frontier Precision at Geo Week 2024

Frontier Precision Unmanned has the latest innovations in drone aircraft and sensors to fit your job or application. We offer industry-leading products and software from Ascent Aerosystems, Autel, Censys Technologies, DJI Enterprise/DJI Agriculture, Freefly Systems, Flybotix, Hylio, Inspired Flight, Parrot, Quantum-Systems, Skydio, Watts Innovations, YellowScan, Emesent, AgEagle, Phase One, FLIR, Pix4D, and many others ensuring you get the right product for the right UAS application. UAS applications include geospatial surveying & mapping, agriculture, construction, energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining, mosquito & vector control, oil & gas, and public safety.

Use the industry’s leading-edge technology without committing long-term capital to technology that may not have a long-term fit. Frontier Precision UAS/Imaging Services can help when you have a need for mobile/static scanning or UAS services, but lack the expertise or equipment to meet the requirements of the job. Frontier Precision Unmanned offers data-driven professional services for aerial surveying and photogrammetry applications using unmanned aircraft systems. Expanding operations include additional drones, sensors, and platforms to accommodate your data needs. Whether you are interested in operating drones yourself, or sub-contracting a service provider to collect data for a project, Frontier can help you incorporate this exciting technology into your workflow to collect high-precision aerial data.

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