Meet the LiDARUSA team at GEO WEEK 2023 and learn more about our new offerings

Our goal at LiDARUSA is to provide our customers with a LiDAR solution that makes LiDAR field collection and data processing as seamless as possible.  Ultimately, we want to deliver survey grade packages at an affordable cost so that the end user can have a maximized ROI. 

We’ve been committed to bringing a compact, survey grade, versatile, low-cost solution and we’ve been able to do so with the Surveyor 32.  Whether your application calls for UAV data collection, backpack collection, vehicle collection, or ATV/UTV collection, the Surveyor 32 can do it all.

With new hardware such as the Surveyor 32, we’ve also introduced our new Scanlook PPK software solution. This new one-page interface allows an easier workflow giving the user an option to save profiles to eliminate repetitive tasks.  The updates to the new Scanlook PPK software include automatic tie points, flight line adjustment, cut overlap, thinning, and control point adjustment updates. 

As we continue to stay ahead of this cutting-edge technology, we look forward to launching our new Surveyor Plus product line later this year that will be even lighter and more accurate! 

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