At Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) we manufacture Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Our range of combined, compact GNSS/INS systems are used across the world for sensor position and orientation on mobile mapping vehicles, or for direct georeferencing data from airborne (both manned aircraft and UAV) surveying.

The Survey+ v3 is our flagship INS product. Suitable for mobile and manned aircraft mapping it is OxTS’ most accurate INS to date, whilst the xNAV650 is our small and compact, yet highly accurate and cost-effective INS.

But, that’s not all we do…


At OxTS we also develop georeferencing software. The navigation measurements created by OxTS’ INS systems can be used with OxTS Georeferencer to boresight your payload and georeference LiDAR data to create highly accurate 3D pointclouds in minutes.

But wait, there’s more…

During GEO Week, we will be talking to customers about the future of our INS hardware line-up, as well as discussing some exciting new developments to our georeferencing capability.

If you use non-OxTS navigation data, and you want a simple and effective way to boresight and georeference your data, head over to stand #930 and ask us about the new anyNAV feature of OxTS Georeferencer.

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