Laser Powered Sensor to Open Up ‘Anonymised’ Security Era

June 17, 2019 – San Jose, Calif. – A laser powered sensor that detects objects, people and vehicles could herald an era of anonymised surveillance that isolates threats from uninvolved people or objects, according to Cepton Technologies, Inc. Cepton Technologies 3D Lidar detection system, the Vista-Edge™ Perception Evaluation Kit (PEK), combines the unerring accuracy of lasers to scan the environment […]

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Structure Core – Spatial Awareness for Any Device

photo of Structure Core Sensor

Occipital, based in San Francisco, CA has announced Structure Core a stand-alone depth sensor that uses structured light to measure in 3D. Should work great for close-up UAV inspections with its mm accuracy. Check out the impressive video. Structure Core is the perfect depth sensor for a new universe of devices that need spatial awareness: robots, drones, AR/VR headsets and […]

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