Airborne Lidar – Discrete Return or Full Waveform?

image of plane collecting Airborne Lidar

This paper from 2011 provides an excellent treatment of the difference between discrete return airborne lidar and full waveform digital signal processing. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. Discrete return (DR) airborne lidar systems can record 4 returns Full waveform (FW) can record an unlimited number in theory Some systems provide both sensors DR is catching up to FW Excerpts […]

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Bringing Airborne LiDAR to the Commercial Market

  Puts everything into 3D world which provides more robust measurements of assets When the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released the highly anticipated rules governing the operation of small UAS (sUAS) for commercial purposes, everything changed for drone and sensor manufacturers, aerial data service providers and forward thinking, innovative businesses. Scheduled to take effect by the end of August, the most […]

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