NV5 Provides Integrated UAV Lidar Mapping Services


This is an interview with Lukas Fraser, LiDAR Specialist and Matt O’Brien, UAV Director, at the NV5 office in San Diego, CA. Can you please provide your personal background and experience with UAV’s, LiDAR and 3D laser scanning technology, as well as a brief history of the growth of your company? Please include an idea of the timelines. In December […]

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Leading Edge Geomatics Leverages LiDAR Technology

Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) was founded in 2008 in Lincoln, New Brunswick, Canada and has quickly grown to be one of the leading 3D mapping firms in North America. Aerial photo of San Juan Puerto Rico (left), Lidar Intensity Image (right). Topo – Bathy data collection. The Early Days Leading Edge Geomatics (LEG) was founded in 2008 in Lincoln, New […]

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Applanix at ilmf 2019

Applanix pioneered the use of Direct Georeferencing for airborne mapping, and offers a complete portfolio of products, software, and solutions easily integrated with LiDAR. Applanix technology can compute the ground coordinates of each LiDAR laser pulse, generating a 3D point cloud which is filtered and processed to produce terrain and surface information.  We will be showing our complete airborne mapping […]

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