NVision Scans Rare Prehistoric Fossils for Texas Museum

(Southlake, Texas; December 4, 2019) — It roamed Texas long before the first dinosaurs. Growing to 12 feet in length, with powerful jaws and specialized teeth for stabbing and tearing apart its prey, it was not a creature you’d want to encounter while on a Saturday morning hike. “It” was Dimetrodon limbatus and a fossilized skeleton of the Paleozoic predator was recently scanned by NVision […]

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USGIF Opens State-of-the Art Trajectory Event Center


USGIF Opens State-of-the Art Trajectory Event Center The foundation’s new Herndon, Va., event space offers affordability and flexible design options Herndon, Virginia (August 14, 2019)— The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) recently opened its own state-of-the-art event space, known as the Trajectory Event Center (TEC), in Herndon, Va. The TEC will be a year-round resource for the geospatial intelligence […]

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Arius Technology Collaborates with British Museum Powerhouse

Blanton Museum Photo

Arius Technology Collaborates with British Museum Powerhouse, Tate, for 3D Scanning and Reproduction of Art  VANCOUVER, British Columbia and LONDON, Sept. 7, 2018/PRNewswire/ — Arius Technology, the leader in 3D mapping, digitization, and reproduction of fine art, today announced that Tate, UK, has signed a five-year partnership to scan and reproduce artworks by world-famous artists and British masters. Famous for its […]

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2017 Solstice Contest Winner Announcement!

Maser Consulting’s image is the winner of our 2017 Winter Solstice Lidar Art Contest with almost 400 votes! Congratulations to their team!! They share the story of their image below. Thank you all for your entries this year. We really enjoyed them! Please participate next year, everyone. We can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2018. Thank […]

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2017 Winter Solstice Contest

The Winter Solstice will soon be here in the New England. In celebration of the return to the light, Lidar News is hosting the 4th annual Lidar Art contest. We are looking for images with artistic appeal that ideally relate to the solstice and/or the holidays. Please send us your submission by December 15th. We will choose the top 3 […]

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2016 Winter Solstice Contest Lidar Art Winner!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2016 Winter Solstice Lidar as Art contest.  Jefferson L. Searle of Meridian Engineering of West Jordan, Utah entered this stunning image which is a perfect scan for a solstice contest. Why you ask? Find out by reading the story about the scan and the Sun Tunnels art installation. We are grateful […]

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