The Democratization of 3D Scanning

The Democratization of 3D Scanning By Keith Lay, Director of Content at Clirio Technologies From CAD to photogrammetry to LiDAR, engineers of all disciplines acquire, process, and share 3D data on a daily basis. Historically, the creation of this 3D data has been the purview of specialists. This has been especially true of 3D and LiDAR scanning of project sites […]

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Lidar Surveying is Gradually Being Democratized

Photo of UAV used for lidar surveying

Simon Ritchie, based in London is tracking the democratisation of Lidar Surveying, but his research shows that the pace is still slow, despite the emergence of the price crushing, autonomous vehicle market. Introduction Lidar has been used for land surveying for fifty years or more.  In days gone by the scanners were heavy and had to be carried by a […]

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