Advanced INS Set-Up for LiDAR Surveying using Drones

Advanced INS Set-Up for LiDAR Surveying using Drones Using an INS in a drone mounted scenario can bring with it unique challenges. In our latest webinar we discuss these and more… Using an Inertial Navigation System in a drone based scenario can bring with it unique challenges that can be difficult to overcome. On Wednesday, 17th June at 09:15 (BST) OxTS […]

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Finally, affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR

Finally, an affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR, high valued sensors, and other payload attached to drones, airplanes, and more. is providing equipment coverage for your property that is being used for mapping, geospatial, light-detection, surveying, scanning, engineering, and other similar industries.  After over a year of underwriting,, has partnered with the top rated insurance carriers […]

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Focus on Outreach and Drones For Good in 2020

AIRT DRONERESPONDERS Focused on Public Outreach and Drones For Good™ in 2020 In the commercial drone world, one of the biggest risks to developing commercial UAV programs is public approval of drones. With recent events in Colorado, effective outreach is becoming even more important than ever. Because their primary focus is working with the public, this is especially true for drone […]

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Terra Drone’s group company helps fighting Corona virus with drones

TERRA DRONE’S GROUP COMPANY HELPS FIGHTING CORONA VIRUS WITH DRONES Zhejiang – February 7, 2020 – 9:00 a.m. on February 6, an medical delivery drone flying from the people’s Hospital of Xinchang County to the disease control center of Xinchang County successfully completed the whole process of air transportation, marking the launch of the first “urban air transportation channel” to help to fight […]

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a reality style series – Real surveyors. Real work. Really good data


DOWN TO EARTH, an all-new reality style series, documents real world surveying. Real surveyors. Real work. Really good data Rome, NY- “Down to Earth,” a new reality series, reveals the challenges and hazards that professional surveyors face while out in the field. The series will premiere in the first Microdrones Wednesday Webinar of 2020 on February 19. Viewers can register […]

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Velodyne Lidar Appoints Mathew Rekow as New CTO


Rekow Leads Velodyne R&D Team Recognized for Developing Revolutionary Lidar Solutions SAN JOSE, Calif. (February 4, 2020) – Velodyne Lidar, Inc. today announced Mathew Rekow as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Rekow assumes the CTO role following Anand Gopalan, who was recently named Velodyne’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  As CTO, Rekow leads Velodyne’s customer-focused advanced research and development team.  The group […]

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Inaugural Southeast Regional UAS RODEO October 9 and 10

logo of Inaugural Southeast Regional UAS RODEO

Jeff Fagerman, Founder of LidarUSA provided the heads up for the inaugural Southeast Regional UAS RODEO which stands for Regional Ongoing (training for) Drone Emergency Operations. The inaugural RODEO is going to take place October 9 and 10 at the Public Service Training Academy in Huntsville, AL. UAS Information Sharing and Analysis Organization and GEOHuntsville are proud to present this […]

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AeroVironment Donates 87 Drones to University Agriculture Departments

AeroVironment Donates 87 Quantix Drones and AV DSS Ecosystems to 35 U.S. University Agriculture Departments to Advance Drones in Farming 2019 University Collaboration Project advances academic research, applications and crop production practices Quantix™ hybrid drone and the AeroVironment Decision Support System™ (AV DSS) deliver on-demand field intelligence to improve crop management for today’s growers     Drone and data analytics ecosystem […]

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Great Bay LiDAR Scan With Drones- ARE Corporation

Great Bay LiDAR Scan  Recently, ARE partnered with Quantum Spatial, Inc. to complete a drone-based lidar scan of four locations within Great Bay, New Hampshire, to support ongoing monitoring programs at Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. The scan was done to further establish baseline conditions and assist with tracking changes in vegetated subtidal (seagrass) and intertidal (salt marsh) habitats […]

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Applanix and Phase One Industrial – 2019 Workshop on Airborne Mapping and Surveying


Applanix and Phase One Industrial are pleased to invite you to the upcoming 2019 Workshop on Airborne Mapping and Surveying, a two day educational and networking event. The workshop will be held on November 13 & 14, 2019 at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, just under 30 minutes away from the Denver International Airport. Attendees will learn more about: Direct […]

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GPI Geospatial, Inc. Combines Experience with Industry-Leading 3D Technology

The Firm With 40+ offices located throughout the eastern half of the United States, GPI Geospatial, Inc. (GPI) has been providing 3D remote sensing solutions to a wide range of private and government customers for over 50 years. They are an employee-owned organization with a dual focus on employee and customer satisfaction, while delivering quality products and services. GPI purchased […]

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NV5 Provides Integrated UAV Lidar Mapping Services


This is an interview with Lukas Fraser, LiDAR Specialist and Matt O’Brien, UAV Director, at the NV5 office in San Diego, CA. Can you please provide your personal background and experience with UAV’s, LiDAR and 3D laser scanning technology, as well as a brief history of the growth of your company? Please include an idea of the timelines. In December […]

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Kansas State University and MODUS-AI to Host Drone LiDAR Workshop

Modus-AI and Kansas State University to Host Introduction to Drone LiDAR Workshop May 21 Modus-AI and Kansas State University (KSU) will host a drone LiDAR (light detection and ranging) workshop May 21, 2019, at the KSU campus in Olathe, Kansas.  Those who attend will experience flight operations and explore the technology that quickly delivers high-quality, 3D digital models. After demonstrations of different drone systems, […]

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ARE Corp: Erosion and Gully Alternatives LiDAR Analysis

The Plainfield Recreation Road project required careful planning and implementation of  drone lidar to collect the required 3D map data. INTRODUCTION With the increased need for real-time results in today’s world, on-foot inspection is not always the best approach for collecting site characterization data. This particular project involves a very dense area with lots of aerial cover, making it hard […]

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ARE-Solidifying ITS Place Within the LiDAR Industry

After receiving his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota, Dave Anderson entered the professional world of engineering and bridges. This became his passion. Angel Lucero received her B.S. in Business and Finance from California State University-Long Beach. After graduating she started her career in marketing and finance. Soon their professional paths would cross. by Katelyn Wood, Marketing […]

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BVLOS Drone Flights Improve Operational Economics

photo of drone BVLOS are The Missing Element

The number one issue holding back the drone industry is the inability, in general to fly beyond visual line of sight – BVLOS.  The following is an excerpt from The Economics of BVLOS, a whitepaper—written in partnership with Skylogic Research—that compares traditional inspection methods with VLOS and BVLOS drone operations on the basis of cost, safety, data quality, and time-to-value. […]

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