Pavement Markings Auto-Extracted From Point Clouds

Image of point cloud BASF Automotive Solutions

Article Highlights:  The use of Mobile Laser Scanning for collecting highway conditions such as pavement markings is increasing. Since pavement markings are made intentionally reflective their return intensity can be used to auto-extract them from the point cloud. Extracting them can be a challenge given the accuracies of current MLS systems (cm-level), relative to the thickness of the markings (mm-level). […]

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Automated Feature Extraction Goes Mainstream

Background Civil Maps is an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up based in Silicon Valley.  Over the past couple of years, they have developed industry leading technologies for the autonomous vehicle industry.  Their key technologies include automated registration of LiDAR point clouds without the need for ground control points, automated feature extraction to rapidly produce large area maps, and Scout, their low-cost […]

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Where Are We With Feature Extraction?

Feature extraction and automated feature extraction were the main topics of discussion at conferences and during presentations about five years ago. Now, focal plane LiDAR and UAV’s are all the buzz. Feature extraction is still a vital part of what we do and are trying to do better. Where are we with feature extraction and how have we progressed? Companies […]

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