ILMF and ASPRS Open with Workshops and Keynotes

Logo for Geo Week MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS

With a very successful MAPPS Winter Meeting winding down, the focus shifted to the opening of the ASPRS Annual meeting and ILMF 2019. From what I saw the joint location of MAPPS, ILMF and ASPRS produced a packed exhibit area with a lot of interaction taking place. The 3D digital mapping community geo-located to Denver, CO this week for three […]

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International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2019 Keynote Speakers Announced

International LiDAR Mapping Forum 2019 Keynote Speakers Announced Four Keynote Sessions feature thought leaders from USGS, NASA, Ithaca College, and The Digit Group   October 31, 2018 (Denver, Colorado, USA) – The organizers of International LiDAR Mapping Forum, the world’s leading technical conference and expo that showcases the latest airborne, terrestrial and underwater lidar and emerging remote sensing and data […]

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Three Geospatial Events Combine to Form Geo Week 2019

THREE GEOSPATIAL EVENTS COMBINE TO FORM GEO WEEK JAN 25-31, 2019 September 12, 2019 (Denver, Colorado, USA) — INTERNATIONAL LIDAR MAPPING FORUM (ILMF), ASPRS ANNUAL CONFERENCE, AND MAPPS WINTER CONFERENCE come together to form “Geo Week 2019” taking place January 25-31 in Denver. Previously, these three events took place separately throughout the year. By uniting these three events for the […]

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