WEBINAR: USING THE RIGHT DRONES FOR THE RIGHT JOB Join Microdrones for their next Wednesday Webinar on April 3, 2019 at 9AM and 6PM EDT and learn how Crafton Tull successfully implemented UAV – based Lidar, condensing their time on site in half and saving over 50% in the process. Crafton Tull is a civil engineering, surveying, architecture, landscape architecture, […]

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Open Data, government and geomatics education – PETER JOHNSON

open data

Peter Johnson from the University of Waterloo Talks Open Data, Government and Geomatics Education From an article in GoGeomatics Canada on February 27, 2019. Peter Johnson is an associate professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management (GEM) at the University of Waterloo.  His work is quite interesting and pertinent in this day and age.  Peter studies how governments, citizens, and […]

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Brett Murphy – Younger Geospatial Professional SPotlight Interview

The next Younger Geospatial Professional Spotlight Interview is with Brett Murphy who is passionate about the great outdoors and the surveying profession. The surveying profession grabbed my attention due to a confluence of factors. Academically I initially pursued aviation, earned a Private Pilot’s License, and then switched directions to GIS & remote sensing as part of a Geography degree. I […]

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