3D Laser Scanning Standards and Guidelines from Caltrans

logo of Caltrans Develops 3D Laser Scanning Standards

3D laser scanning standards and specifications for Caltrans applications were developed to promote large-scale deployment of this technology into Caltrans day-to-day survey operations. This report documents the AHMCT research project, “Creating Standards and Specifications for the Use of Laser Scanning in Caltrans Projects.” DOTs and private contractors have used laser scanning in highway survey applications and found that it reduces […]

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Search and Rescue Drones to Find Lost Forest Hikers

Search and Rescue drones to use autonomous car tech to find lost forest hikers  Drones are already being used by the emergency services to help locate missing people. But in forests the densely packed trees can interfere with the drones’ GPS connection, making their performance unreliable. In a bid to fix this, a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute […]

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Standards are the Key to Harnessing Technology

Shane MacLaughlin, Managing Director at Atlas Computers in Ireland provides an in-depth look into the need for open standards. Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects Some years ago I chaired a working group hosted by Dublin City Council tasked with developing a robust specification for urban topographic survey projects.  This working group came into being at the behest of the […]

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Drone Lidar Components Present Data Quality Challenges

LiDAR representation by Echo using a Riegl MiniVUX -1UAV.

The use of drone LiDAR requires significant training and expertise especially when using inexpensive systems. (Editor Note – This is a cautionary tale told in the author’s words about the perils of self-proclaimed drone lidar experts.) Training is Needed There are a lot of people with drones who are collecting aerial imagery and becoming self-proclaimed mapping professionals in the process, […]

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Selecting The Appropriate GNSS Solution

Determining the appropriate GNSS solution required in your mobile lidar system can be a bit troublesome. While this is true, it is only true if your preferred vendor offers a choice and if you are aware of the choices. Most manufacturers offer only a single solution, some offer only a particular brand, and others offer a variety. It is easier […]

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A Dithyramb on GNSS and Mobile LiDAR Mapping

by Jeff Fagerman, Lidar USA Location, location, location. For most businesses to succeed this is absolutely essential. While the business location is not nearly as important for mobile mapping as a restaurant or clothing store, location is very important for a mobile LiDAR system to be useful. It is not possible to generate a point cloud from a moving platform […]

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