OxTS release their latest GNSS/INS – The RT3000 v4.

OxTS release their latest GNSS/INS – The RT3000 v4. Following three, dedicated years of pioneering inertial measurement unit (IMU) development, we are delighted to introduce you to the RT3000 v4 GNSS/INS. Combining our most advanced, MEMS-based IMU technology with survey-grade GNSS receivers, the RT3000 v4 builds on its predecessors reputation as the commercially-viable GNSS/INS for FOG-like navigation performance – delivering […]

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SBG Systems – Quanta Plus, its next-gen

Carrières-sur-Seine, January 31st, 2023 – SBG Systems announces Quanta Plus, its next-gen OEM GNSS-Aided INS. It combines a tactical MEMS IMU with a high-performance GNSS receiver to get reliable position and attitude, even in harshest GNSS environments… SBG Systems, a leading provider of navigation technology, is excited to announce the launch of Quanta Plus, its latest Inertial Navigation System (INS). […]

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Mobile Mapping – Tools and Technology Explained

This is the first in of a series of articles from NavVis about mobile mapping for experienced laser scanning professionals looking to make the jump to this new technology. In its short life, the market for 3D as-built documentation technology has seen considerable innovation. Among the myriad new tools to hit this market, nothing has changed the way we capture […]

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Pulse-40: SBG Systems Introduces its First Tactical..

Pulse-40: SBG Systems Introduces its First Tactical Grade IMU on the Market Carrières-sur-Seine, February4th, 2022 – SBG Systems to announce the Pulse-40 Inertial Measurement Unit. This tactical-grade IMU offers unmatched performance in harsh conditions in a miniaturized size for applications where precision and robustness matter in all conditions. SBG Systems has a long-term history of designing best-in-class MEMS-based Inertial Navigation […]

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Reunion Resort 3D Scanned in 8 Hours

Image of Reunion Resort

In the Fall of 2019 RIEGL held a 3-day Training Symposium at the Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL. The terrestrial laser scanning segment of the symposium featured the RIEGL VZ-400i laser scanner, featuring automatic on-board registration. To demonstrate the capabilities of this scanner the team decided to see what they could do to capture the grounds of the Reunion Resort. […]

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OxTS xNAV650 Launch

Press Release Their smallest, lightest and most affordable INS to date! – OxTS launch the xNAV650 On Monday, 22nd March 2021, Inertial Navigation System experts, Oxford Technical Solutions released the latest in their line of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) – the xNAV650. Inertial Navigation Systems provide surveyors with absolute position, timing and inertial measurements (heading and pitch/roll) that they can […]

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SBG Systems supports Education with IMU, AHRS, INS/GNSS…

SBG Systems supports Education with IMU, AHRS, INS/GNSS, and PPK Software Carrières-sur-Seine, France, October 6th, 2020 – SBG Systems is highly involved in supporting future engineers in their challenges and skill learning. The company has built a specific program to sponsor student teams participating in competitions as well as specific discount to Universities and Research Centers on inertial sensors and […]

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Applanix and Phase One Industrial – 2019 Workshop on Airborne Mapping and Surveying


Applanix and Phase One Industrial are pleased to invite you to the upcoming 2019 Workshop on Airborne Mapping and Surveying, a two day educational and networking event. The workshop will be held on November 13 & 14, 2019 at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, just under 30 minutes away from the Denver International Airport. Attendees will learn more about: Direct […]

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Viametris Launches Second-Generation of the vMS3D

Image of Viametris vMS3D

Despite being lighter, the second generation Viametris vMS3D offers all the same technological capacities as its predecessor but is simpler to use and can be mounted on a vehicle in just minutes. More design-orientated and compact, this second-generation version of the 3D mobile vehicle scanner has been fully redesigned. The system has been simplified considerably in both electronic and ergonomic […]

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Navsight Land/Air Solution: Powerful New Navigation Solution

Carrières-sur-seine, France, October 11th 2018 – SBG Systems releases at the Intergeo show in Frankfurt (Germany), the Navsight Land/Air Solution, a full high performance inertial navigation solution designed to make surveyors’ mobile data collection easier, whether it is mobile mapping, GIS, or road inspection. Built on a proven technology, Navsight strengthens SBG Systems position as leading innovator on the mobile positioning market.  […]

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Standards are the Key to Harnessing Technology

Shane MacLaughlin, Managing Director at Atlas Computers in Ireland provides an in-depth look into the need for open standards. Topographic Survey Specification for Urban Projects Some years ago I chaired a working group hosted by Dublin City Council tasked with developing a robust specification for urban topographic survey projects.  This working group came into being at the behest of the […]

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Drone Lidar Components Present Data Quality Challenges

LiDAR representation by Echo using a Riegl MiniVUX -1UAV.

The use of drone LiDAR requires significant training and expertise especially when using inexpensive systems. (Editor Note – This is a cautionary tale told in the author’s words about the perils of self-proclaimed drone lidar experts.) Training is Needed There are a lot of people with drones who are collecting aerial imagery and becoming self-proclaimed mapping professionals in the process, […]

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