Underground Infrastructure Mapping with Mobile Lidar and GPR

Leica Pegasus2 Stream for underground infratructure mapping

Governments are beginning to mandate that underground infrastructure mapping be carried out as national policy. Underground infrastructure mapping of utilities and other infrastructure is one of the major challenges in creating a digital twin at the municipal, regional, and national level.  LiDAR reality capture of the above-ground ground features simultaneously with ground penetrating radar (GPR) scans of subsurface infrastructure at […]

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Velodyne Keynotes D.C. Geospatial Mapping Conference

Geospatial Data Seen as Boon to Improving Transportation Infrastructure, Panel Says; Mandli and Facet Technology Showcase Solutions   MORGAN HILL, Calif. (Nov. xx, 2015) – As revamping America’s transportation infrastructure claims a top spot on the nation’s agenda, LiDAR pioneer Velodyne has urged that geospatial LiDAR data be part of the solution.   Speaking before the influential Geospatial Transportation and […]

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