a new insurance program for LiDAR equipment

drone needs Insurance lidar

Lidar News spoke to Tyler Crawford with LiDARinsurance.com recently about a new, comprehensive, and affordable insurance program his team created for LiDAR equipment attached to drones, planes, and helicopters. Why did you create a LiDAR-specific insurance product for the aviation industry? After supporting drone operators and GIS professionals with their insurance for the past 5 years, my team recognized that […]

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Finally, affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR

Finally, an affordable insurance policy for rented or owned LiDAR, high valued sensors, and other payload attached to drones, airplanes, and more.  LiDARinsurance.com is providing equipment coverage for your property that is being used for mapping, geospatial, light-detection, surveying, scanning, engineering, and other similar industries.  After over a year of underwriting, LiDARinsurance.com, has partnered with the top rated insurance carriers […]

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